She Used to Wear Her Hair Like You

And just like that, here I am, on the other side of the holidays, on the other side of the country, and on the other side of a New Year. We got home on Friday night after three days of speeding across the frozen North, with a brief pit stop for dinner and drinks with a friend in Bozeman, Montana.

It is nice to be home, nice to be here with my cats, with my blankets and cozy slippers, and my favorite things all around me. The first thing I did yesterday after getting some things cleaned up was to make a huge pot of minestrone soup. After weeks of all of the rich and heavy holiday comfort food, I was craving a big pot of something warm and vegetable-full. This morning we headed to Lake Washington to soak up some sunshine and stretch our legs. Seeing the mountains and the sparkly water really made it feel like we'd come home, with Mt. Rainier peeking over the low hanging clouds to greet us.

Today is quiet and feeling a bit reflective. I've been listening to Leonard Cohen and poking around idly on the internet, just catching up with things here and there. I don't go back to work until Wednesday, and then only for three days before another 4 days off. I'm so grateful for the gentle transition back to reality, after a very busy visit home for the holidays.

It was COLD while we were in Minnesota: below 0F (-18C) most days for some or all of the day, and tomorrow it's supposed to be -25F (-32C). I know I lived there for most of my life, but good god, I don't think I'd voluntarily go back to that kind of winter. There is certainly a kind of beauty in that kind of extremely cold climate, but the day to day living in it I think I'll pass on. I hear it's freakishly cold all over the country right now. Is it cold where you are? 

Top: North Dakota Prairie as seen from the car // Below: Lake Washington, this morning 



  1. Gah, the governor closed schools STATEWIDE in minnesota for Monday on Friday because it's supposed to have a low of like -32F... I'm getting some SERIOUS cabin fever and have been really wanting to do some outdoorsy stuff but it's too damn cold. Definitely missing my mild NW weather!

  2. It's 1F here in Michigan and I think we're one of the warmer places during this coldsnap. So...yeah. And beautiful pictures.
    Random yoga question, whilst I'm here:
    I am a SUPER BEGINNER and fairly out of shape. I've found a few good dvds for general working out and also for yoga, but I'm wondering if you happen to know of any more good super beginner yoga dvds. No worries if you don't, just thought I might ask. ;)

  3. abhaya_sondra1/6/14, 9:20 AM

    Yay for starting yoga! I also started with DVDs, and I think they can be a great place to begin while you build your confidence with the poses and your body. Eventually, I'd really recommend going to a class and finding a good teacher, but in the meantime, there are lots of good resources for beginners to start at home. I actually have used a lot more online classes at home than DVDs, and there are several I'd recommend: 1) http://www.yogajournal.com/video/level/beginner/ Look for the longer videos with "sequence" or "practice" in the title. I really like Jason Crandell in particular. 2) http://yogayak.com/free-yoga-classes-online/ Look for ones with "beginner" in the description, and 3) http://www.myyogaonline.com/videos/beginner-yoga There are TONS of videos here, plus a huge support community. This one is $9.95/mo, but I think there's a free trial, and it's still a great deal compared to taking a class or even buying a DVD. Let me know anytime if you have any questions! And stay WARM!

  4. abhaya_sondra1/6/14, 11:41 AM

    Ack! I only remember school being closed for the cold once when I was a kid, I think it was about 20 years ago when they say it was last this cold. The cabin fever part can be pretty tough, especially if you don't have time/money to travel to someplace warm. Do you belong to a gym with a pool? If not, that's one good way to chase the winter blues away. Find a place with a hot tub, sauna, etc. and thaw out for an afternoon! Or try an overnight getaway, you can get some good specials in the winter. Up near Two Harbors is a place we've gone a few times called Larsmont Cottages. You can get a room with a fireplace on the lake, plus they have a sauna and an outdoor hot tub (which is awesome in the winter!). I think they have cross country skis and snowshoes you can borrow for free, too, and they do outdoor bonfires with s'mores and stuff. It definitely helps break up the monotony of winter!

  5. I love that first photo. Haybales in the snow on the prairies...dreamy! We've been dealing with -30C up here with some added fun windchill. Yay Winter! Welcome home!