.t is for...tapas.

Here it is, my second entry into the Sounding Out Sanskrit series. What, you thought I was going to talk about small Spanish plates? Nope, different kind of tapas. I'm talking niyama here (one of the 8 limbs of yoga as outlined by Patanjali...but that's a whole other S.O.S. post), or in other words, an individual discipline. Tapas literally means heat. And being late June in the Central Valley, I have had heat on the mind a lot lately.

What does heat have to do with yoga? Well, nothing really. You don't have to be hot to practice yoga. You might like to be hot while you get your asana on, but you can practice up at the North Pole and it's still yoga. Another translation for tapas is perseverance, and that's where the yoga comes in. The pushing to your edge, the working hard to achieve something you really want, the moving past the uncomfortable and getting to the other side. Obviously, we do this on our mat. Pushing ourselves physically comes somewhat naturally for most people, especially when placed with a bunch of people all sweating and breathing and suffering together - like in a yoga class. {speaking of which, go see Kelly at Yoga Seed Collective if your really want to get your tapas on. It's been four hours since class ended and I think I'm still sweating!}

What's not so easy? Taking it off the mat. Where our lives are filled with shades of grey and complications...and excuses. We all have areas where we can grow. Change. Evolve. Take a minute right now and think about what makes you uncomfortable but where you'd like to make change. Speaking in public? Signing up for ballroom dancing classes - alone? Finally asking that cute barista out? Asking for a raise? If the thought of doing it makes you squirmy, that's how you know it's exactly what you should be doing. Really imagine yourself taking the next step, and lean into the uncomfortable sensations. Breathe. No one ever died from being uncomfortable, I promise. :)

Tap into your tapas and go for it. I guarantee whatever it is your'e aiming for, it's going to be amazing on the other side. 

And speaking of heat, I must go and pack my bags for a little jaunt down to Death Valley and Las Vegas. Because Sacramento isn't hot enough already...? I'll be back with a new Adventure File post next week!

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