Expanding >> the Heart

This is what we did over the weekend...
WE GOT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We have wanted a dog for so so long, and we finally decided to go for it. We've been saying "someday" for too long...

We have had little say over where we have lived and where we might end up. We have not been able to buy a house like many of our friends, and we want to wait to start a family until we are more certain of our future. Getting a dog used to be on that list, but we decided enough was enough, we get to make some decisions around here!

So this is Piko.

She is a 5 year old beagle, and she is the sweetest thing. We adopted her from a family who just had their second baby, and were finding that Piko had fallen to the bottom of the priority list. They loved her so much they wanted to find a family who would give her the love and attention she deserves.

The cats have already let her know who's boss, and I think with a bit more time, they'll all be the best of friends. It's only been two days and they'll all pile on the couch or bed with us happily.

We are taking her with us on our trip next week, and she will come home to Minnesota with us for Christmas. I can't wait to see her sprawled out in front of the fireplace!

"Piko" means belly button in Hawaiian, where her first "mom" is from. More than just the literal place of the belly button, it also means a spiritual/emotional/energetic center; akin to the idea of chakra. Beautiful, huh?
We have only had her for 48 hours, and already love her so much. Aren't hearts amazing, how they expand to hold more so effortlessly?

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  1. SinusDivinus11/5/12, 12:58 PM

    Oh how great! She's so beautiful!

  2. oh goodness she is so adorable!! congratulations, nothing like having a puppy around the house!

  3. Felicia Melendez11/5/12, 8:11 PM

    Aww how exciting! So happy for you guys, I love dogs! That was so nice of you guys to adopt her, she is a cutie! :)

  4. Yay!!! One of my first dogs as a kid was a beagle/basset mix named Calvin! I'm so excited for you, having a dog changes everything, but in the most magical of ways!! I definitely know what you mean about the heart expansion, I swear mine swells even larger each time I look at my babies all curled up and sleeping. Big hugs for you all!! :)

  5. Salvaged Strawberry11/8/12, 2:48 PM

    What a sweetheart!!! I bet she is quite the snuggler! We got our pug, Scarlett (when she was about 5 too) from a family who had a baby and felt it was all too much. She is the sweetest, most loving baby and I can't imagine our life without her! Yay! So happy for your new addition! xoxo

  6. Felicia Melendez11/8/12, 2:51 PM

    Hey Sondra, I nominated you for the knowing you knowing me series if you want to check it out! http://aflowerofthesky.blogspot.com/2012/11/knowing-you-knowing-me.html

  7. what a cutie, she looks super chill. :)