A Walk >> In the Woods

Has anyone else ever read that book? It is HILARIOUS. It's about a middle aged, out of shape guy who decides to through-hike the Appalachian Trail. I know I relate to Bill Bryson in that book lately! I don't feel at the top of my fitness game lately (especially cardio-wise), so this hike we took last week was a tough one. It didn't help that is was essentially straight up, with LOTS of elevation gain over a fairly short distance. Oh, well. I trouped along until I gave up, and then we turned back and got some banh mis. Mmmmmmmmmm.... Nothing a good sandwich can't fix. :)
It wasn't an especially beautiful day for a hike, but I tried to notice the small things. I thought this pine cone was so cool! I loved the pattern in it.
We're heading out for a snowshoeing adventure tomorrow -- with the destination being a hot spring, so I better bring my A game! I'll bring my camera and share that junket later this week. I can't believe I leave for India a week from today. Tomorrow I'll be knee deep in snow, and a week from then I'll be in 90-100 degree heat, hanging with monkeys. (I was told there'd be monkeys. And elephants. Just hangin' around. Whaaaaaa?! So. Excited!)

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  1. beautiful photos!

  2. I love that book. Bill Bryson is so funny! Great pics.

  3. Those are some beautiful photos! What a lovely hike. Can't wait to see the snowshoeing pics (aside from that on on Instagram...wink)

    Oh my! INDIA!! Have so much fun...oh, but of course you will!

  4. Allison Leighann2/28/13, 11:56 AM

    These are beautiful photos.