Moving Forward >> Staying Present

Whoa, Nellie, notice anything COMPLETELY DIFFERENT around here?! That's right, there is a whole new look going on, courtesy of the amazingly talented Melanie Lea of My Billie Designs! I love l.o.v.e. LOVE it so much...it feels so fresh and clean, and the aesthetic is perfect!

What? What's that you say? That this is already my third design and my blog is less than nine months old? I know, my pets. I'm fickle. Sometimes I change my clothes multiple times in one day. But more than that, my blog has evolved a lot over a short time. With my last re-design, I really wanted to use this space as a tool for my yoga teaching, and a lot of my choices were geared toward that. Along the way, I learned that having it be that and my personal blog blurred the focus of either one too much. Now this feels more like a space where I can really express myself creatively, and I love that.

The content will be much the same as it has been as of late. I'll continue to share about yoga, well-being, and natural living, as well as style and inspiration posts, recipes, the occasional DIY, and snippets of my life. Everything is staying the same, even as it changes to embrace the evolution that is a natural and lovely part of being human. :)

Seriously, if you are in need of a lady who can design circles and triangles around you, check out more of Melanie's work and hit her up!

shanti >> sondra

p.s. The title for this post comes from one of my favorite yoga teachers here in Seattle!


  1. I love the redesign Shondra! I change mine all the time ;)

  2. i like the new design too - when i first started my blog within the first six months i completely changed designs over 5 times. and now i want to change it again! haha its fun having options and changing things up!

  3. abhaya_sondra2/10/13, 3:27 PM

    Thanks! Melanie did such a nice job. <3

  4. abhaya_sondra2/10/13, 3:28 PM

    Thanks, dude! It makes me so happy that you're still reading this! :)

  5. abhaya_sondra2/10/13, 3:29 PM

    I know?! How can people be so decisive? Style is such a personal thing, and mine changes so frequently! If only I had the coding skills and/or patience to be able to make it look like I envision...!