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I noticed recently that I have now pinned over 600 things. I find it so therapeutic to look through all of the amazing (and not so amazing) stuff out there, and discover new and beautiful things. I like to do it before I go to sleep at night, lulled into dreamland with dreamy images and thoughts of DIYs that I'll likely never do... (I mean, let's be honest here;))

Here are a few of my recent favorites >
I've really been drawn to (get it? punny!)line drawings lately // truer words have never been said

this looks so yummy! plus I discovered a new blog from it // reminders are good
grafitti in India // cool yogi graphic

All sources can be found via my Pinterest, where you can also a bunch more of my recent pinspiration!

shanti >> sondra

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  1. So many lovely things. I haven't been on Pinterest in AGES.