August Break >> Days 1-5

So far so good, on participating with the first few days of The August Break! It's been so warm and lovely the last few days in Seattle, that I'm glad to soak it all up and not worry about blogging. Here's what I've captured for August so far:
Aug 1 // "breakfast" // I forgot to check what the prompt for this day was until after breakfast, so instead here is a picture from the hike we took that day. It was cool and rainy, and this guy was loving it.

Aug 2 // "circles" // I forgot to check what the prompt for this day was, but I played catch up at the beach (see Aug. 3), and found these guys.

Aug 3 // "yellow" // Flowers along the shore while out for a stroll.

Aug 4 // "love" // Yesterday was all about the love. I was making breakfast and Andy told me to finish up and grab some shoes, we were going for an adventure. We drove out to the Olympic Peninsula for a long day of driving, sight seeing, and shenanigans. We barely caught the last ferry back to Seattle last night (like 5 mins to spare!), but it was a day well spent in a BEAUTIFUL area, with my two favorite travel companions.

Aug 5 // "close up" // This face. I could snuggle it till it falls off.

I've been doing these all on Instagram to make it as easy-peasy on myself as possible to keep up. Find me @instasondra if you haven't already, or leave me your IG name in a comment so I can see what YOU have been up to in August!

I'll be back tomorrow with a "real" post: a grill recipe for the What She Ate series! Now, I've got to go make it! ;)

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