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One time, I asked Andy, "if you could go back to any decade or time in American history, which would you choose?" His answer? The Great Depression, so we could, "be hobos together."

In that case, I guess I'm glad time travel isn't a thing. Especially after our outing earlier this week, where we went blueberry picking. Turns out, we would make TERRIBLE migrant fruit pickers. In an hour, we picked about 3 pounds of blueberries, which seems like a lot in comparison to the pints you buy at the store, but not when you compare it to a couple of friends who casually mention that they picked 15 and even 32(!) pounds of blueberries. Crazy! I guess if you did it ALL day...but the sun was hot, and arms get tired reaching up over and over again. Anyway, since we're not migrant farm laborers in the 30s or any other time, we stopped when we felt like it (apologies for the photo quality, I only had my phone with me).
When we moved to Washington last September, it was sort of the end of berry season, plus we were too busy getting our berrings to go out and do such things. But berries are prolific here! They grow in huge bushes and brambles on the side of nearly any road or trail. Even in a city like Seattle, you can see people with buckets picking blackberries on the sides of busy roads. We went out aways from the city, and found a little field with a U-Pick sign, a scale, and the honor system for payment. Well, I guess that little kitty in front of the scale was being the enforcer.
All in all, it was a really relaxing way to spend the afternoon. I found the picking and subsequent soft thud of each berry as it landed in my bucket to be really relaxing and meditative. I think next year I'll pack a lunch and we can take a break in the middle and make more of a day of it. Have you gone out and picked anything this year?

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  1. Hehe "berrings." I don't know if that's a spelling mistake or intentionally punny, but it made me laugh because it sounds clever. When I last went blueberry picking we got about 40lbs in 20min... it's called "shake the bushes excessively as all the berries fall into your pallet" haha! After raspberry picking it was barely any work at all.

  2. I agree with Faith, I laughed as well. ^_^ This sounds so lovely, so relaxing and soooo berry delicious! ^_- I love how you apologized for the phone pics, when they're super gorgeous! ♥

  3. We talked about picking in Texas but the season is just about gone. Hopefully next year!!