August Break >> Days 6-13

Day 6 // "diagonals" // Out paddle-boating with friends on a beautiful summer day.

Day 7 // "skyline" // On a walk with the dog, the view of Mt. Rainier and power lines from the hill in our neighborhood.

Day 8 // "selfie" // There is a Caribbean sandwich place called Paseo that is known as much for their epic lines as their amazing food. We waited for 45 minutes to get ours on Andy's birthday. Next time, we're going on a rainy day (the line is outside, so this should help).

Day 9 // "taste" // Also from Andy's bday (I was behind a day), pre-dinner drinks. Mine is a Swedish 60, a play on the classic French 75. Yum!
Day 10 // "red" // Flowers from Pike Place market. Always amazing.

Day 11 // "play" // I mostly bummed around the house this day, but we walked up to the grocery store in the evening and saw these kids making good use of the playground.

Day 12 // "far away" // I was looking for some new things to hang on the wall, and came across this old photo I took a few years ago. It feels sooooo far away to me: Sierra Nevada mountains, winter, and all that fluffy, white snow. Feels alien on a hot, August day!

Day 13 // "home" // Mitz was born in my mother in law's house 14 years ago this summer. The next summer, when he was 1, he went to live with Andy in his first apartment, and then I came the year after. In 12 years we've lived in three states and more than 10 apartments, but he has been one of the few constants. Home is wherever he is. :)

Speaking of home, tomorrow we hit the road for a two week trip to Minnesota! I'm excited for lakes, the North Shore, wine on the porch, and seeing lots of friends and family, of course. Then, when I come home, it's back to work for me and summer will be over. Can you believe it???!!! I'm not ready yet! :/

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The August Break 2013



  1. Oh, enjoy it & try not to think about going back to work! :) happy summer!

  2. Mitz is beyond precious!!! I love all of these pictures. :D So glad you're having a blast!

  3. I love this project! Your photos are awesome. Have fun in Minnesota!