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Last week I went down to Las Vegas for a fun weekend with friends. I had never been there before, and I thought it wouldn't be my cup of tea, but it was actually really fun. Lots of time by the pool, tasty food and libations, and great company. On the way down, we camped overnight in Death Valley. We had planned on going down there a couple of times before, but convinced ourselves into going other places the other times. We planned it so we would arrive after dark, hike a bit on the morning, and then drive on to Vegas by noon. This (unsurprisingly) still made for a very hot trip in late June.

We saw wild burros, bees going nuts for water, and lots and lots of sand. I'm actually really glad that we drove through when it was so hot; it's Death Valley, it's supposed to be hot! I was stoic and declined the AC the whole way. I also took some pics with my Holga which I'll share when I finally get the roll developed.

I'm really glad that we finally made it down there. Empty places are some of my favorite places. So peaceful and strange!

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  1. Oh! This looks gorgeous, although I'm not sure if I could take the heat.