New look >> New Direction

Hey everyone! I want to introduce you to my new blog design and layout! After struggling with the Blogger template and failing to get the aesthetic and functionality changes to work the way I wanted, I decided to get a little help. Enter, the amazing Charlotte of Twist + Snag. I actually found her by chance just by clicking through page after page of Google results, and I am so happy that I did. Right away she got the look I was trying to go for, and she went above and beyond in meeting my needs and requests. If you are looking for someone to really collaborate with you for a design need, she’s your lady. She also does invitation designs, which look pretty awesome, too. :)

One of the best parts of the re-design process for me, was that it really forced me to think about what I wanted this blog to be about. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to include and highlight, and I now have a clear vision of where I want to go. I love blogging about and sharing my love of yoga, and that will continue. But as I thought about it, I realized that yoga informs almost all aspects of my life now; it really is a lifestyle and so I would like to share a more holistic view of what that means for me and my life. Besides posts that are more obviously about inspiring you to hit the mat, I’ll be sharing style posts, natural living and recipe posts, my inspirations, as well as travel and adventure stories. Here’s how these topics fit in:
  • Style: Yoga has taught me to really tap into who I am, and to feel more comfortable in my own skin. It also has opened me up to more creativity in my life, and one of the ways I have always unconsciously cultivated this is in my style choices. I am so excited to share this outlet with you!
  • Natural living: One of the most important things that yoga teaches is the concept of ahimsa, or nonviolence. Another way to interpret this is to practice kindness-to yourself, other people and creatures who share this world with us, and to our planet. I am a product of the modern world and its conveniences, but I am trying to incorporate choices that are kinder for me and the world when possible.
  • Inspiration: I’ll be sharing things that I am loving from around the web and beyond; things that inspire me to live my life a little more fully, and hopefully yours, too.
  • Travel: I love to travel. My husband and I take all kinds of trips, big and small. Yoga and travel have a lot in common: they both inspire compassion and an interest in the way others live, they force you to slow down and be in the moment, and they inspire a love for the world and the beauty that is all around us.
I am so excited to continue this journey, and I would be so honored to have you join me. There are handy new buttons to the right to follow along in various capacities. Join me by subscribing, and/or any of the other social media buttons over there that interest you. There may be some tweaks here and there along the way, both with the the blog itself but also with content as I grow and discover what works and what doesn’t. Please be vocal about what you like and what you don’t! I want this to be a place to really grow a community of like minded people who just want to connect through space and time. And isn’t that what life is all about? :)

Join the kula!



  1. Oh my gosh! It looks so amazing. Like AH.MAZING. I love, love, love it and I can't wait to see where your blog goes.

    See you again tomorrow!!

  2. I love the design. :)

    I'm currently going through the process of re-designing my blog (or rather, having my blog re-designed!) and it's so interesting how it forces you to refine your focus, and actually think about what you are posting about / want to post about / actually ENJOY posting about, isn't it?


    Melissa @ Melicious