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I'm back with my second installment in the What to Wear series. And this time, our threesome has expanded to a fivesome! Links to their pages are below, so go show some lovin'.

And now on with the show.
I thought about this topic, and I realized I could go two ways with this. The first would be to show you what I might actually wear to do gardening in, which I can assure you, is not particularly glamorous. It's probably a pair of cut offs and a ratty tank top. Besides, I have a a few flowers and a few pots of veggies and herbs, but it barely qualifies as gardening (especially when everything is on a timed watering system...it's basically "set it and forget it" around here). The second - and more fun - thing to do I realized, would be to show what I would wear to a garden. Jackpot. I actually really love to wear florals, so there was plenty of closet inspiration to choose from. Also, wearing a floral turned out to be good, because when we got to the arboretum on campus here, there was barely a flower to be seen. I hadn't walked through there since May or so, when it was bursting with blooms. I forgot that California turns into a barren wasteland from June to October. I did manage to find a few hardy blooms hanging by the creek though.
I love these mustard colored linen shorts because not only are they one of my favorite colors, but they hide hot dog stains. Just kidding, I don't eat hot dogs. Just veggie dogs. ;) The one bummer about these shorts is that they wrinkle when you look at them. The necklace I'm wearing is a actually a locket. The best part was that when I opened it, there was totally a sweet love note in it that I had forgotten was in there! 

If you look closely in the last picture above, you might be able to see my new nose piercing! No, it's not a silver pimple, it's just really small. I don't even have my ears pierced (I let them close up when I was about 10), so this was a big leap for me. So far I love it - it's subtle, and just what I wanted. Plus, I got my left nostril done because I read that in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), it's believed that the left nostril is connected to women's fertility and reproduction, which is why Indian brides often have elaborate nose jewelry. Now, I'm not planning on growing babies anytime in the immediate future, but a little love for your lady bits can't hurt, right?
In other news, holy moly did today fly by! I feel like I I just woke up and now it's time for bed again. Part of it might be the jet lag from returning to the West Coast on Monday night; I think I'm still screwed up. 

Tomorrow's a big yoga day for me, as I prepare to teach my first class at Fusion Yoga on Friday! I'm so excited! I also applied for my first jobs in Seattle today...we'll see how that goes! (fingers crossed)
Be sure to check out all the other ladies' blogs to see how each of us interpreted this look into our own styles. Did we all go the floral route? I can't wait to find out!


  1. You look beautiful. Such a great outfit. And the nose stud looks awesome!

    I went the down and dirty route for this one. There's even dirt all over me!! Ha.

  2. what a good idea to go to a flower garden.. and what an appropriate outfit to wear! so pretty :)

  3. I love this outfit! I want those shorts! Also I'm never brave enough to wear florals when planning on being around actual flowers, so I doubly admire your boldness.

  4. between the glasses and the top this outfit is so cute!! love!

  5. Your post is so lovely! Wish mine looked half as good ;) Great pictures~