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Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in with a little update. We've been in Minnesota visiting friends and family since last week, and we will be here for another week. I haven't been able to post or keep up with everything as much as I'd like to, especially with the re-launch of my blog, but that's okay. I'm really trying to stay in the present this summer and enjoy every second so I'm focusing on that. Our time home is always packed, but it's so awesome to catch up with old friends, visit our old haunts, and spend quality time with family. The internet will still be here next week, right? ;)

In the meantime, here's a bit of what I've been up to...

We went up to my husband's family cottage up in northern Minnesota. Growing up here, I didn't realize cabin culture was such a place-specific thing (17,000+ lakes!). Everyone's family (including mine) had a cabin "up north." I grew up on lakes, woods, and boats, and now that I'm not around it all of the time, I really miss it. Tomorrow we head up to Lake Superior - one of my favorite places in the whole world. I can't wait!
  Here's me, Captain Shineyface, after attending my cousin's wedding on Saturday. The wedding was beautiful, but lordy, was it hot. It was on a rooftop, and unfortunately it was 95 degrees and huuuuumid. I may have melted a bit, but what I lost in water weight I made up for by eating two pieces of cake. We stopped for a nightcap on the way home, which is where I am in this noir-ish shot.

And here's a shot of the most adorable little girl in the world - my niece. The heat has been relentless, so my sister and I took her to a splash pad to cool off yesterday. She had fun, but I think I liked it more than she did!

Today is another 100 degree scorcher with high humidity, and we're mostly laying low. I swear, it was more comfortable in Death Valley the other week then here in MN! I'm meeting some friends for drinks later, and then I'll be getting ready to head up to Lake Superior, where thankfully it should be a good 25 degrees cooler. Whew! I can't wait for nature's air conditioning. I also think I am going to go out and buy a new camera today, so hopefully I can capture my moments more like I actually see them for this here old blog. 

I hope you're staying cool!

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  1. i love lakes! they're one of my most favorite places to relax and have fun. have fun on your vacay!