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Well, ARGH, I was alllllmost ready to click publish on this post, which was all written out and lovely and everything, and I accidentally closed the wrong window. And it somehow is not saved AT ALL. Sigh.

This is one of those times I reach into my yoga bag of tricks...  and remember to take a deep breath...and remember that we can always begin again. Worse things have happened in this world.

So I will try it again.

Albeit in a much more abbreviated form. And with much more clicking of "save."

Here we go.

Things that have been sticking in my craw this week:

1> This letterpress print from inhauspress is all kinds of spectacular. I think it's really the frame that makes it. Any idea where I can find myself such an item?

2>These reversible leggings from Zella had my name on them. My favorite colors, on sale, and two pants for the price of one?! Booya.

3> I am starting to cultivate a wee obsession with geometric designs. When I saw these on the ISO50 blog, I immediately set one as my phone wallpaper, and it makes me happy every time I see it.

4> This is my current read. It's a fascinating story about how the cells from one woman changed the course of medical and science history. Oh, and they were stolen from her. And she was poor and black. And her surviving children can't even afford to go to the doctor, although their mother's cells have saved countless lives. Highly recommended.

Okay, off to bed with me. I get to teach again tomorrow (yay!).

Oh, and I have added Disqus here to manage my comments better. Do you like it? Hate it? Uhhhhh...leave me a comment and let me know? :/ (and my apologies; many previously left comments seem not to have made the switch over, so sorry if yours was one of them). I LOVE comments and interacting with everyone though...it's the whole reason I started this thing!

Now, yaaaawwwwwn. And happy Monday to you! (It is after midnight, after all.) :)

shanti > sondra


  1. i have done the anti-save so many times, Sondra! thanks for doing a take 2--i'm going to put that book on my READ ME list right now:)

  2. OnThe Adventure7/31/12, 8:02 PM

    Oh girl.... AND geometirc designs. We are the same. And its awesome.