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Today is usually one of my very favorite days of the year: the summer solstice. I just love the idea of celebrating the abundance of summer, and reveling in the long light of the day. Also, the Scandinavian in me loves making it a big holiday - I wish it were bigger here in the states (although, I guess that's essentially what July 4th is, huh?). This year though, it kind of snuck up on me. Hmmmmm, maybe because it's been cold and rainy the last few days, and I'm currently in slippers and a hoodie zipped up to my neck? Maybe? Probably.

At any rate, I've been too busy this last week getting ready to leave on our 3 week camping + backpacking + hiking + road trip extravaganza, so I guess it's just as well. We leave Monday, and that brings me to the rest of the post.....


Anticipating // leaving on Monday. Duh.

Reading // The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. So far this book hasn't taught me anything I haven't already learned studying yoga, but I'm loving the new perspective on old concepts. In a nutshell, the book explores the idea of what consciousness really means, the art of being present, and where the YOU is in you.

Internetting // (yeah, I made that a verb). Bear safety info. I'm not super afraid of bears (more like medium afraid), but backcountry camping in grizzly country has me reviewing my bear safety knowledge. Eek! Also, although I haven't played with it much, I'm excited to make some little videos with the new Instagram video feature (not of bears though, let's keep those two separate, k?).

Drinking // chai. Another duh.

Making // lists, lists, and more lists. I've kind of become a list addict, and I've taken to carrying my little journal everywhere with me. I just love having it handy for jotting down notes, ideas, inspirations, reminders, etc. I've tried jazzing it up Lisa style, which is fun, but usually I'm lazy and don't embellish much. I've tried digital note-keeping apps and such, but for me, I keep coming back to the notebook and a pen.

Today is for writing out a few blog posts for when I'm gone, and just general gettin'er done around home. How about you, are you doing anything on this fine first day of summer?

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