Prairie Daze >> Part II

Here's the second batch of photos from my visit to the prairie! This time, we're talkin' bison.
No trip to the prairie is complete without a visit to one of the few herds left. This one lives at Blue Mounds State Park, where we camped for the night.

This was one of my favorite pics of the whole trip, and one of my favorite memories, too. The bison kept getting closer and closer to us, until they were just several feet away (on the other side of the fence). They were curious about us, and all you could hear was the low sound of the grass ripping, as they kept grabbing mouthful after mouthful. So peaceful.
There were so many wildflowers, but I'll spare you all of the many flower pics I took and share just this one. "Prairie smoke."
One of the places we visited was Pipestone National Monument, an active mining quarry, where Native Americans come to quarry the rare stone that has been made into pipes and other ceremonial objects for generations. The stone found there is just the right amount of hard and soft to be able to be sturdy yet carvable. The site is considered sacred, and these are some of the prayer bundles left as offerings.
Frollicking in pastures aside, we are just about two weeks out from the end of Google Reader. I've switched over to Feedly and am still enjoying it's lovely UI, but lots of peeps love Bloglovin', too. I've added buttons (below and in the sidebar) for both to make it easier for you to switch over if you haven't already. You're welcome. :)

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  1. Oh those bison are so cool! Great pics!

  2. I'm so jealous you were so close to the bison, they are such beautiful creatures and you got some great shots!!

  3. I love bison, we have SO many on Antelope Island and I loved getting pictures of some of them. :D Great pictures, by the way. I love your photography! <3

  4. Lovin those bison! Makes me want to take a mini roadtrip to the National Park just outside of town. That's where we stash our bison round these parts. Wink. But our guys like to keep to the trees. It's amazing to see them in a bare prairie field! Great photos, once again.

  5. abhaya_sondra6/19/13, 12:21 PM

    Do it! I don't think I've ever seen them in trees. They're strictly flatlands animals in these parts. I'm going to see a lot more of them soon, too, as we're heading Yellowstone next week!

  6. abhaya_sondra6/19/13, 12:22 PM

    :) Yay!

  7. abhaya_sondra6/19/13, 12:22 PM

    Thanks, dear!

  8. abhaya_sondra6/19/13, 12:23 PM

    Thank you! I am having so much fun having this as an outlet for my photography. Plus, not too hard when you have good subjects. ;)