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It's been just over a year since a started this blog! I can't believe how much this little space of mine has grown and changed, and how important it's become to me! When I originally started this blog, it had much more of a yoga focus, but as I've figured out what this space is for me, the content has changed, too, which is okay. I love not feeling limited to what I share here, and to be able to paint a more complete picture of "me." Another part of why I haven't shared as much yoga stuff recently is logistical; I have NO place to take pics of poses in our current apartment since we are pretty cramped. However, since we're not moving, I've made a few changes to our space, which has helped. Also, since I'm teaching again, I can use the studio space. Yay! I'm super excited to re-invest a little more in this topic again. I hope you are, too!  :) Now, on to the pose!

Having a rough day? Week? Month? It happens. Sometimes life doesn't play nice. In fact, I just got off of a very frustrating phone call with a government office that is sooooo maddening, don't even get me started....argh. One of my favorite ways to shake off stress and hit the re-set button, is with this yoga pose. If you are new to yoga, you might look at this and not see what you think of as "yoga." But this here is some powerful action, and can soothe even the most frazzled of nerves.

It's as simple as it looks. Scooch you tush up as close as possible to the wall, recline and stick your legs up, letting the wall support them. Now breeeeeathe. That's most important. Loong deep inhalations and exhalations. This will help to stimulate your Parasympathetic Nervous System, and to signal to your body that you are in a safe place and can relax. Other things happening here? Blood is flowing down towards your heart, warming your body and easing muscle fatigue.

Wanna take it to the next level? Let's get some props.
A pillow or a couple of folded blankets placed under your sacrum will help further elevate the lower body, intensifying the relaxation effect. This is also a good addition if you have any low back sensitivity.

Gentle weight placed on the body can be soooo soothing. You can can do any one or combination of these, or do them all!

// A blanket or pillow placed on the feet.

// A folded blanket placed on the chest.

// An eye pillow or a small, folded towel over the eyes.

Stay for 10 minutes or more to get the full effect. Your feet will probably fall asleep, but that's okay. Try and just sit with this feeling and make space for it. Continue to breathe and let the waves of your breath wash away the tension and fatigue.

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  1. abhaya_sondra6/7/13, 12:40 PM

    Mine too! (obvs ;)). It took me awhile to appreciate it though, now it's on my regular rotation.

  2. I love this pose as well! It's one of the only poses I can actually do, haha! ;)