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Peeples of the internets! Would you like to play swapsies with me? I am kind of not that good at getting my button and blog out there. I guess I'd say it's the least fun part of blogging, since it's more marketing/"businessy" and less pretty-picture-taking and wacky-word-making.

Anywhos. I've met some really cool people and discovered fun blogs through button swaps, as well as by clicking through buttons on other people's blogs. SO. It's definitely something worth investing in. Wanna get in on the fun? Here's the deets:

// Code DOWNDOG will get you either size option for FREE

// Either email me or include the swap code for your site in the "about your blog" section on Passionfruit checkout

// I ask that all uploaded images be sized correctly (200x200 or 100x200). I will reject any button that stretches weird or is pixelated

// I also reserve the right to decline any swap that I don't feel is a good match content-wise

// I am also happy to host buttons for shops. If your shop doesn't have a blog or a way to swap ads, send me an email and we can work out some other "swap" (maybe pinning or tweeting my posts or pics, for example)

I hope you're having an otherwise ice cream-eating, firefly-catching, picnic blanket-laying, sun-drenchiest fun weekend.

shanti >> sondra

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  1. Louise Gillanders6/9/13, 8:03 AM

    Hey Sondra, I'd love to swap again with you! Is it ok for me to use the same creative I used to use for you again? Lou Xx

  2. Louise Gillanders6/9/13, 8:03 AM

    p.s~ Lou from Stars in Jars >.<

  3. Hey Sondra - I really enjoy your blog and I would love to do this swapsies - except I think my blog is too sweary-and-geeky and less love-and-good-food-y, so it wouldn't work. But I still love reading. :)

  4. I blogged about making the personal decision to stop swaps, but I still so love your blog! So if you see that there are no longer buttons on my blog it's nothing personal!!! Also I totally understand if you decide to remove my button because of this. No hard feelings :) Just super glad to have your blog to read! Hope you find lots of new blogging buddies through your swaps! :D

  5. abhaya_sondra6/10/13, 11:59 AM

    No worries, I read you post and totally understand. I could see making that same choice someday myself. But for now, I'm enjoying the connections it brings! I'll leave your button up until it expires, then it will fly into the ether. ;)

  6. abhaya_sondra6/10/13, 12:03 PM

    Totally! Glad to have you back over there! :)

  7. abhaya_sondra6/10/13, 12:07 PM

    Haha, I love your breakdown of our two blogs. :) No, you can totally get up there if you want! And all of those things are totally sympatico, we all have many different facets to our personalities. Believe me, I'm not always all lovey or eating homemade healthy food all the time either. ;) I Just want to be able to say no to swapping with someone who posts about things I don't find compatible with my beliefs or values. Get on up there, girl!

  8. Hey Sondra! Sorry it took me so long to respond - email weirdness. D'oh! So anyway, I'm going to submit that and hopefully things will rock.