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I saw this post recently on Lisa Congdon's blog Today is Going to be Awesome. As I read it, the thought that popped into my head was, "we ARE those people!" We travel. A lot. Day trips, weekend trips, and all-out multi-week adventure junkets around North America and beyond. I often get comments from friends and family saying that they wish they could do that, or that they're jealous that we "get" to travel so much. Yes, we are lucky in many ways that allow us to do this (no kids, a job that occasionally requires it), and not so lucky in others (unemployed over the summer being the biggest curse/blessing) but the biggest reason that we are able to travel so much is that we make it our #1 priority. This is where our discretionary income and energy goes. Often we spend our time on a trip planning out the next trip.

But we don't make a lot of money, and we're not really special in any other ways. And when we do have kids in the future, we plan to adapt our trips to fit our new life. Our trips are most often not far; an afternoon out for a hike, or an overnight to a quirky place in our own backyard, and occasionally we work out a larger excursion. All this to say, we will be travelling for much of the rest of the summer, starting with leaving Monday for three weeks in Montana and Wyoming. A lot of what I'll be posting for the next couple of months will revolve around our trips and getting outside and doing. My intent is for this to be inspirational and motivating, and not braggy or "lookitme!". I truly believe everyone can fit in an adventure here and there, and that the rewards are infinite.

So, here's to an amazing summer of travel and adventure in the outdoors! If you're planning on going anywhere or you've already posted about it, leave me a comment and we can be excited together!

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  1. summertime dreams6/7/14, 10:03 PM

    Wanderlust. I was once told it's the most contagious disease ever. I am oh so happily infected. You're right, it's all about priorities.