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I mentioned in my Liebster Award post that thrifting is a big part of my style. I typically have better luck thrifting household goods then clothing and such. I think it's maybe because it requires a little less patience than looking through all those clothing racks. Plus, it's just easier for me to re-imagine house stuff as having a new life - probably because I can't sew! I had a particularly fortuitous week at the thrifts, so I thought I'd share my finds!
The first (and which I did not take a detail picture of) is a few old story books to add to my growing collection of children's story books. I love the illustrations in these classic volumes, and I can't wait to read these out loud to my kids someday! In the meantime, they sure do look pretty on my bookshelf.
Another score are these Norwegian tiles, decorated with traditional rosemaling. Both Andy and I grew up with Scandinavian family backgrounds, so these remind me of my grandmothers and relatives from back home.

The other finds include some pretty silk scarves, this tin, and an old potholder weaving loom and yarn. I found a video on youtube that shows how to weave with regular yarn on this instead of with those potholder loops, and I'd like to make lots of squares to put together as a blanket. Um...someday. Hopefully this doesn't turn out like most of my projects and never actually gets done.

The only bummer about finding all this awesomeness, is that is needs to be packed away in boxes for our move next week. NEXT WEEK?! Yeah, that freaked me out, too. The moving company called this morning to confirm some details, and she was all, "so it looks like we're scheduled to pick up *a week from tomorrow.*" I can't believe it's almost time to leave California.

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  1. Girl. That tin and those scarves. I can't promise I won't steal them from you. Props to you on those finds.