Monday Muses >> 8.13 edition

Dudes, I'm exhausted. This last week was killer. We went straight from our last weekend in San Francisco to driving 13 hours to Seattle to apartment hunt, and we just got back this morning at  1:30am. We got to Seattle Tuesday night, and hit the ground running on Wednesday to view apartments and then I had a job interview. And then apartment hunting went...not so smoothly. The rental market there was nuts! We would show up for open houses for these apartments, and people were practically knocking each other over to talk to the landlord and show them what an amazing tenant they'd be. Alas, we really liked a couple of places and lost out on them due to the incredible competition. In the end, we did sign a lease in a very nice neighborhood (but not the neighborhood we hoped for) for a perfectly nice apartment. So, don't worry dear readers, we won't be homeless when we arrive. The new place has lots of light and pretty hardwood floors, which I'm excited about. Oh, and I won't be jobless either. I did land the job I interviewed for while I was there, at the Seattle Repertory Theater. I'm really excited to be working in theater again!

Anywhos, this little bloggy-blog was neglected a bit with the nuttiness of this last week. You can't blame a girl. But I did manage to put together a few things that have caught my eye recently...


1> When I came home, the new Tom's catalog was in the mailbox. I flipped through it without thinking too much, expecting to see the usual slip-ons. Then, these boots caught my eye. I have been thinking about my fall and winter wardrobe recently, and what will work in the colder northern climes I'm headed for, especially things that will work well for going back to work. I am usually wary of wedges and heels, but I hear these are super comfy (they are Tom's after all!), and I think they'll update a lot of the warmer clothes I already own.

2> While in Seattle, one of the things I ordered with lunch one day was rosemary lemonade. Simple, but so brilliant! I LOVE herbal tastes and smells, so this was right up my alley. I think a non-alcoholic variation on this recipe sounds super easy and delicious! Or maybe I'll go one easier and buy some really good fresh-squeezed lemonade and just throw a few rosemary sprigs in there, and top it off with a bit of soda water. ;) We're looking at 107 degrees for the high here today, so a little lemonade sipping sounds pretty great right about now.

3> I am super stoked for the new movie from the makers of Baraka to come out. It's called Samsara, and in their words it is "a new nonverbal documentary film portrait of the cycles of our world." It was filmed over 4 years in 9 countries in 70mm film, so it will have this amazing picture quality. Like Baraka, it features time-lapse photography, beautiful landscapes, and emotion-filled music. I am particularly excited to see it on the big IMAX screen in all of it's visual splendor, but I saw Baraka on a crummy old VHS many years ago and it was still awesome. I just love movies like this that really show how complex, yet simple, our world is, in that we are all connected and sharing this same crazy Earth-ball. Another good one is Life in a Day (which you can watch for free on YouTube). Check the trailer for Samsara out and see if it's coming to where you live...!

4> One thing that I haven't shared much about here yet is my interest in tiny houses and the lifestyle that goes with it. After spending the last week looking at apartments, it's got me thinking about the whole idea about small spaces and making the most of what you have no matter where you are. It's a very contradictory part of myself, in that I kinda love stuff, but also have this desire for simplicity. I think what it comes down to is that I don't want just any old stuff, but I want the things that I choose to surround myself with to be things that I absolutely love and that make me happy. Also, after spending the week back in the hustle and bustle of the big city, I felt the pang of wanting to retreat into a tiny cabin in the woods surface. Someday, I hope to be able to have a little place out in the woods or mountains somewhere that we either live in full time, or can retreat to regularly. The picture above is one of my favorite house inspirations, from Malissa Tack.

That's all for now homies! This girl is one tired sack with a long to-do list on her hands. I really missed being able to sit down and write for y'all though, and I have some good posts coming up in the next couple of weeks! Next to yoga, working on this blog has become my favorite past time, so even though life will be insane for awhile, I'll be sure to make time and save energy for this space when I can, because it sure does do my soul good. :)

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  1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Congrats on the apartment and the job. It sounds like, although it was stressful, it was also a successful trip. I can't wait to see and hear more about your new adventure.