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I have a confession to make. I am no good at DIYs. That is, unless they are really, truly, almost childishly, simple. I do not own special tools, I am not very patient, and I am unfailingly cheap. So when I actually find, complete, and love something that I have done myself, I just about feel like I have won the lottery. This is one such project.

Here's what you need  >> 

> Aquarium gravel in any color you like

> Bonsai planting mix (this is what the guy at the nursery recommended, because it it is made for containers that do not drain)

> A bag of charcoal (also found at the nursery. This will help absorb any trapped moisture and smells.)

> Succulents that will fit your container

> Glass containers. I used a few mason jars, because if Pinterest has taught me anything, it's that everything is cuter in a mason jar.

> Moss for decoration (optional)

Here's what you do >>

> Pour a layer of gravel in the bottom of your glass for draining and keeping the roots out of any water that accumulates.
> Next, add a layer of charcoal.
> Add the plant, break up the roots a bit, and fill in with the bonsai mix. You may need to use a spoon to help fill and get the dirt down into all the crevices. A chopstick might also be useful.
> Repeat for each container, give 'em a little water, and you're done! I covered the tops of the soil with either more rocks, or some moss from the garden store. Super easy. Oh, and you do NOT have to have a green thumb to be maintain these successfully. I give you - exhibit A:
This is a larger grouping that I planted earlier this summer in a thrifted bowl. It has grown like CRAZY since I planted it! Plus, after awhile it got this green moss/algae looking stuff growing along the sides of the bowl which I think makes it extra pretty. Just give it a little water every few days, and leave in a semi-sunny spot. I usually add more water when I can't see any in the rocks at the bottom. If you forget to water it for awhile (like I do often), no biggie. It's good for them to dry out once in awhile. You can also add rocks, driftwood, or little ceramic figurines for extra interest.

All of the supplies for this project probably cost less around $20 total, including the plants and containers. And I still have plenty left to do a few more (read: SUPER CHEAP GIFT IDEA!).

Let me know if you try making these!

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  1. Hannah Fairweather9/7/12, 8:38 AM

    I love this! I have so many succulent containers! I love when you can see the soil and all the roots! There's something just so natural and peaceful about it! I just stumbled over your blog and I love it!

    Your Newest Follower,