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Hiya, fellas. So yesterday I mentioned that I took a little trip in to Sacramento to take a yoga class, but one thing I didn't mention was that before class I dropped off a couple of rolls of film to be developed, and picked them up afterwards. I thought I'd share a few of my favorites here with you! Plus, you can see a little bit of a few of our adventures from the last several months.

light leak at mono lake

Digital cameras are great and all, but I tell ya, there is something so magical about taking pictures and then waiting to see how they all came out. These were all taken with my Holga 35mm. I also have a regular Holga which shoots 120 film and I also dropped a couple rolls of that off, but they have to be sent out to be processed. I love the 35mm though, because it's easy and cheap to get film for it, and much easier to find a place to process it (although even those are getting to be few and far between!). But both are super fun to take pictures with becuase of the unpredictable nature of these cameras in particular, and of film photography in general.
double exposures. left is from hawaii, right is from a hike in yosemite.

I got the first Holga 4 years ago, and 3 years ago I was lucky enough to take a class on toy photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Not only did I learn the basics of photography and how to develop and make my own prints in the dark room, but I also learned how to work with the eccentricities of these plastic wonders. I just love the light leaks, the graininess, and the vignettes that show up whenever they feel like it.

waterskiing at the lake; I love the soft colors and blur

parked in the middle of Nevada, chasing a wild horse. our car looks so little!

i dig old abandoned places in the middle of nowhere.

How about you, when was the last time you felt the thrill of opening up a packet of prints to see what's inside? If you want to learn more about toy photography and Holgas, check out the Lomography website. I'm excited to get my other rolls back!

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