On the Road >> Mt. Shasta

I totally forgot about these pictures until I was looking for something else on my camera the other day. I'm so glad I found them, because it was a really pretty hike! We'll actually be driving right by this same spot on Friday morning on our way to our new home.
Earlier this summer, Andy hiked to the top of Mt. Shasta with a friend. He's starting to get into more serious mountaineering, the kind that involves ice axes and crampons and whatnot, and I'm out on that. I love hiking, but climbing on ice is another beast. Anyway, when we drove up to Seattle to apartment hunt, the drive took us right past where he had hiked, and he wanted to show me the area. We just went up a couple of miles to the base camp where most climbers stay before they summit, but it was a good taste of the what the mountain looks like. The picture above is the little cabin where the local ranger lives. Doesn't it look like the most magical place to live???

The best part about reaching the base camp, was that there was pure, fresh mountain water that you could drink. No chemicals, no filtration, and icy cold. It was heavenly. The hike back down featured views such as this:
aaaaaand this:
Pretty nice way to stretch your legs on a long car ride, huh? :)

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  1. Mike Schmizzle8/29/12, 1:21 PM

    Dude. I just added "Mt Shasta Local Ranger" to the top of my list of dream jobz. That little cabin looks bomb, yo.

  2. so, so pretty! wow.

  3. This is what heaven looks like to me. :) We have a property that has a natural spring on it. Best water in the entire world! This hike looks amazing! It is a HUGE goal of mine to visit Seattle area, so I'll need to do this hike!