Yoga + Style >> Love

I've spied a couple of cute items that would be perfect for wearing to or from a yoga class! Or even if you don't practice yoga, they're just cute items that are good for an active lifestyle. I am forever on the lookout for clothing that can do multiple duties: wearing to practice yoga, wearing around town to run errands, or going hiking in. The beauty of all of these activities is that you they all require something that's easy to move in, and comfortable (read: stretchy. My favorite clothing adjective!). What's not so easy is finding things that are cute to boot. Because who wants to wear just plain old workout gear?

1> This first one is from a company called Plantstyle. I actually have another of their shirts that my mother in law very sweetly bought for me at her local farmer's market. What I really like about these besides their obviously adorable style, is that they are locally made (well, local if you're in MN), they use organic materials and dyes when possible, and it's a husband and wife duo producing these out of their Minneapolis studio. Wouldn't this kholrabi print look adorable on your next trip to the farmer's market? They also make cute skirts, dresses, and hoodies.

2> I just stumbled on these socks on Etsy, but they look so great for the cooler months ahead! I'd love them for yoga, but they also look awesome to just wear around the house, on those first fall days.

3> I LOVE the collection of yoga-inspired wear from Foundation Collection. Their prints are graphic and cool, and they are produced in limited editions. I'd love to get a few of their easy tanks to wear to class!

Yoga+ cool clothes = a very happy Sondra. There is no better combination in my book! Well, if the clothes featured kittens or something. That would be better. Hey, let me know if you find anything like that, will ya?

Well, we're in San Francisco today to meet a very special 3 day old baby! Eeee! I can't wait to hold her and smell her sweet baby goodness. :)

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