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A "life lately" of sorts, served three ways: (I may or may not be in the midst of Top Chef: Seattle) ;)
I woke up this morning to the teeniest dusting of snow. It wasn't much, but it made me smile. The days here in Northern Washington have been very dark as we approach the solstice. I have to have lights on inside until well after 9am these days, and the sun is already fading by 4 in the afternoon. As I type this, Andy is speeding across the Montana plains, where he reports that the sun is high and the skies are blue. He said he didn't even realize how much he missed the sun until he saw it. I think I'm okay with a few more days here, in the dark and the grey. Cups of tea, cozy slippers, and cats curled up at my side seems just about right.
These are a few packages that I sent off last week. I made a potato stamp and stamped a few, which was so much fun. I was hoping to be able to stamp more, but alas, Andy was leaving and I needed to have all of the gifts packed in the car for him to take and ran out of time. I have a few more gifties to make this week, so the itch to Make will get scratched a different way.
Last night I co-hosted my office Christmas party, which was a solid success. I would share some pics here, but I don't like sharing pictures of people without their permission. Also: confession. I have not told the people I work with about my blog. I love them all to pieces, I am so lucky to have landed in a group of such funny and smart people. BUT. And here's the big BUT. I am a little weird about people I know and my blog. I started blogging solely about yoga, and told all my family and friends about it. But then my blog sort of morphed, and became more of a lifestyle dealie, and now it feels a little strange when people know things about me or what I've done, because they saw it on my blog when I haven't talked to them in months. I forget, you know? That everyone from my Grandma (hi Grandma!) to people from around the world check in here. I'm still navigating how to traverse that divide, because strange as it may seem, I am better at being open and sharing my most inner bits with strangers than I am with many of my loved ones. Or, maybe, it's more like how normally you have the different parts of yourself that you pick and choose to share with certain people. Maybe you are one way with your Mom and Dad, slightly different at work, slightly different with your friends. But you get to pick and choose, and that's what makes having a blog different. You still pick and choose, but the audience is SO VARIED, that it's a little vulnerable feeling. Nicole mentioned the other day that she gets all red in the face when someone talks to her about her blog IRL. I totally, completely, get that.

Okay, rambling over. But, uhhhh, ya'll feel me?
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  1. Salvaged Strawberry12/19/12, 12:36 PM

    You made stamps out of potatoes? You crafty minx! I would have never thought of that. IT turned out so nice! And, I am hating the darkness morning and night. I never get to see the sun, it seems...But, it's been forcing me to be creative, make crafts, read...etc. :)

  2. GypsyinJasper12/19/12, 1:21 PM

    Ah yes, the awkwardness of blog talk. My boyfriend's mom is the worst for this. She brings it up every time we talk. In fact, I just received an email from her talking about my latest post. I just don't know what to say when people bring it up. I'm glad it's being read and I'm glad the people in my life like it, as well as people who I've never met, but somehow it just seems like it will always be weird to talk about it...

    In other news, my favourite thing in the world is a nicely wrapped brown paper package. That's how I wrap mine as well. It's just so much nicer than Christmas wrap. You have the freedom to decorated it however you wish and it just looks so classic. I love the idea of a potato stamp. I might actually have to give that a go!