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Happy Sunday, everyone! I just wanted to pop in with another offering for self-care. During this crazy-busy time of year, I think it's really easy to let external energy get the best of us. There is so much focus on social events, parties, getting out in the crowds to shop, etc. Not that all of it isn't lots of fun - but it can be really draining, and really easy to not take a minute to tune in to ourselves, and keep on touch with our internal world.

Find a moment to yourself, and take a comfortable seat. Place one or both hands over your heart, and make small, gentle circles. Close your eyes, try and smooth out your breathing, and really listen to your heart. You might choose to think about all the things you are grateful for this holiday season, or focus on positive changes you'd like to make in your life. You could also choose a simple mantra, such as "I am loved" to focus on as you make your rythmic circles. After a minute or two, switch the direction of your circle.

This heart meditation is really simple, but really moving. I love that it incorporates a physical touch aspect. It's such a tender, caring thing to touch our heartspace, and remind ourselves of who we truly are and what's important to us at the core.

I hope you are all taking good care of yourselves, and of each other after a week filled with such tragedy and hearbreak in the news.

shanti >> sondra


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