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I'm back on track with this week's what to wear! This week, in anticipation for the holidays, we are showing what to wear on a road trip. Andy is actually making the drive from Seattle to Minneapolis with Piko, and I'm super jealous I can't go with him. We are road trip warriors, and with the addition of Piko, we're now a road trippin' team. But alas, I have to work through the 22nd, so I have to fly to be home in time. But actually, what I wear for a road trip is pretty much the same thing I wear to fly. (It's also not too different from what I wore on laundry day. It's kind of a go-to combo for me.)

For me, leggings are a must. They're the epitome of comfort. Then I like to wear some sort of t-shirt dress. Something that is essentially a t-shirt, but just a little longer and looks a little less like I'm in my PJs. This sweater is a staple in my wardrobe. I call it my "blanket sweater," since that's essentially what it is -definitely one of my best buys of the last few years! Then, I add a scarf. A scarf is necessary, since it can double for so many things. Besides looking stylish and keeping your neck warm, you can ball it up to use as a pillow, tie it around your eyes to block out light for an overnight flight, or drape it over your legs if you're cold and there's no blankets. For car trips, I usually wear slippers or easy flats in the car that I can slip on and off for gas stops and bathroom breaks. When I fly, I wear my bulkiest footwear to save suitcase room; usually a pair of boots.

Other road trip must haves for me: lots of good podcasts, a reusable coffee cup for Starbucks stops, a blanket for napping, and my holga for fun film pictures along the way.

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  1. GypsyinJasper12/13/12, 11:01 AM

    I went the cozy sweater and scarf root myself. They are definitely essentials!

    Cute outfit. I love that blanket sweater of yours. It looks incredibly cozy.

  2. Salvaged Strawberry12/13/12, 12:16 PM

    How cute is Piko?! And you have family here in MPLS? Get ready for the snow mama! :) Seriously. It's been FREEZING! :)

  3. Are those your American Apparel leggings? I bought two pairs of them on Black Friday after your suggestion, and they're so amazing! I was worried about the price, but they're totally worth it!
    lovin' your cute cozy outfit.

  4. abhaya_sondra12/13/12, 10:45 PM

    I lived in MN my whole life until 3 years ago! So, yeah, it's home. :) It's fun to come home for Christmas, but I'm glad I only visit winter now, haha.

  5. abhaya_sondra12/13/12, 10:46 PM

    Thanks, lady!