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I don't believe I've mentioned it here, but I am joining up with Laura Emily's Apothecary Circle that starts TOMORROW! It is a yearlong course in which you can earn a Certificate of Home Apothecary upon completion. Here's how she introduces it >

"The Apothecary Circle isn't for the casual organic herbal loving lass, although she might love joining in as well! This yearlong course is designed for the woman who wants to step into the role of being a healer within her home and community. It is designed for the woman who wants to return to earth medicine, holistic living, and abundant health."

Intrigued? Read lots more about what it all will entail, and join us! Today is the very last day to sign up, and I very much encourage you do so. Laura Emily has a beautiful spirit which she shares through her writing, and there are over 200 women taking part in this course. I can't wait to get started!
On a bummer note, I lost my phone yesterday. I am disappointed that a nefarious soul was the one to find it instead of a good samaritan who would return such a thing, but really, it just reminds me to be grateful. It is just a Thing. An item which I don't really have the money to replace, but a Thing nonetheless. All of my friends, family, and furry critters are safe and well, which is more than too many people can say, and more than money can buy.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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  1. My Grama's Soul12/20/12, 9:47 AM

    hi there....I check in here every so often as I am determined to begin Yoga this year.....I'm so sorry your phone was taken...what in the world will someone do with your phone...I wonder. Anyway...good for you on the herbal class...sounds interesting.