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Ever since we got Piko, the world's greatest beagle (imho), I have been learning a lot about dogs. I have always wanted a dog, but never had one growing up. And now that I have one, I love her to pieces and only want what's best for her. I have been looking carefully at the food and treats she gets, and making sure that we're not giving her anything that's not good for her. I'm choosy about what I put in MY body because I want to live a long and healthy life; why would the logic for a dog be any different?

I wanted something to freshen up her coat between baths, since she gets wet so often here in Seattle. Nobody likes the smell of wet dog. I learned it's not good to bathe your dog too often, and I thought I had seen something called waterless shampoo for dogs at the store. When I looked at the ingredients though, I saw a long list of chemicals. I mean, I know she'll eat garbage and sniffs poop, but I still don't want her licking chemicals off her fur or absorbing them through her skin. I went home and brewed up my own batch instead.
In a spray bottle I combined >>

1 c of water
2 tbsp white vinegar
2 tbsp baking soda
a few drops of essential oil

The vinegar and baking soda will fizz for a few minutes, but will die down quickly. Then, shake everything together and you're done! If your dog does not like spray bottles, you could always use this mixture to wet a washcloth and wipe him/her down. Piko smells so fresh and clean for about 2 days after I use this on her. And I don't have to worry about her licking it off (although, be sure that the essential oil you choose is safe for pets).  Since we're all in gift giving mode, a batch of this in a fancy spray bottle (or even a not fancy one!) would be cute for a dog lover.

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  1. Salvaged STrawberry12/14/12, 7:16 AM

    This is a great idea! I am totally going to try this!