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Hello, loves. Well, I am certainly not going to win any awards for most consistent blogger this month! It's just that time of year, when we're all busy and off enjoying the good things. Also, I had a bit of a cold over the weekend which slowed me up a bit. Andy had it before me, and between the two of us, we downed A LOT of my winter soother. So glad I had that ready to go when the the need struck!

I have been trying to get to all the Christmas-y things that I wanted to do this year, and knocked a few off my list this last week: went downtown to look at the lights and wander through the department stores, watched Charlie Brown and Grinch holiday specials (complete with 80s commercials), and mailed out my Christmas cards.

When I think about Christmas and traditions, besides the kitschy ones, what I always come back to are the things I grew up with. Growing up in a Scandinavian family in a Scandinavian place, I didn't realize that many things that I associate with the holidays were quite culturally specific. I thought they were Christmas things, not Swedish or Norwegian. Lefse, fruit soup, straw ornaments, and little red candles are all part of my fond memories, and have become more and more important to me as I have gotten older and realized it was a special part of my upbringing.

When I picture doing my own Christmas someday, it looks a bit like these pictures. Of course, there's the other part of me that also loves me a good tinsel tree filled with with colorful vintage glass ornaments. Sigh...maybe two trees someday? :)

Today we took a hike out into the snowy forest. The fog nestled between the pine boughs, and felt like a misty blanket. By the time we were almost back, it was 3:30 and we needed to have the headlights on. I think it is so lovely that we celebrate winter right at it's very darkest. Chasing away the long nights with candles, fireplaces, and laughter.

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