More of This >> Less of That

Something I've been struggling with a lot lately is BALANCE. I will be the first to admit that time management is something I struggle with. But how do people keep up with everything all of the time? I cannot for the life of me find enough hours in the day to keep up with my blogroll, pinterest, facebook, instagram, etc., etc., let alone live a life interesting enough to even have something to blog about - and then find time to write said blog!

I know that I don't have to do any of these things. They are all voluntary, and frankly, blogging is my hobby and all of these things sort of go along with it (some more than others). I honestly enjoy all of these things, but man, doing it all everyday is time consuming. No wonder so many people get burnt out by it all! I give myself permission pretty frequently to skip things (for example, many days I don't check any of these things, and I'm very good at shutting it all down while on vacation. Also, I stopped tweeting because something had to go). But, then when you return, there's that much more to catch up that you have missed.

I recently found a really cool service called unrollme, which manages your email subscriptions and unsubscribes you from junk mail, and it is making my inbox very happy. Anyone have any time management tips or know any other resources out there for managing everything? I can use all the help I can get!

shanti >> sondra



  1. My word for the year is 'Balance'. :)
    I wish I had tips but... that's the reason it's my word - I'm hoping to find more balance. ;P

  2. Hello, new follower here....found you through the Apothecary Circle :) My word last year was Balance. I stopped blogging, closed down my facebook & twitter accounts, and didn't even have instagram....it was VERY quiet in my "internet world." I slowly got back into it the last few months. Still no twitter, but started a blog where I don't blog too frequently lately, signed up for instagram & pinterest, and only started facebook for Apothecary Circle & things I really want to be a part of my life. I can see why people get very overwhelmed. I often wonder the same thing..how do people have time to do ALL these things when they're very active on every social network? (judgement aside). Sorry for the rant, I can just relate! :)