Too Much >> Is Never Enough

Wow, 2+ weeks later, and I'm back! Going home for the holidays is always such an intense whirlwind of activity for me. So many friends, family, and places to catch up with, check out, and spend time with. Honestly though, this was one of my favorite trips home that I've ever had. I got to do SO MUCH. TOO much, in some regards (eating, drinking) but not enough in others (laughing, catching up, sleeping, exercising). I need a vacation from my vacation! Here's a little photo collection of moments while I was away.
1> Fancy manicure 2>Kringler on Christmas morning 3> Snow! 4> Yes, that's a cat under there
5> The best pizza ever 6> Dog and cat water battles 7> Book club reading 8> Lights in St. Paul
9>Winter light 10> High tea with grandma 11> Pool with friends 12> Icicles!
13 > Lights & ice in Minneapolis 14> NYE dancing 15> Flowers blooming in Seattle (?!) 16> Peace found on a walk

Now that I've got that catch-up out of the way, I can get back to regularly scheduled programming. I am SO EXCITED to be back to blogging, and back to the little community I've formed here. Honestly, I get so inspired by all of you and I really missed it the last couple of weeks.

shanti >> sondra


  1. welcome back! :)

  2. abhaya_sondra1/9/13, 9:57 AM

    Thank you! It's good to be here.

  3. What a beautiful selection of moments! I love the contrast between the snow & icicles in Minnesota, and the greenery and flowers blooming in Seattle!