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It's no secret that I love tea. I drink many cuppas-a-day from October until April. The act of drinking a hot mug of tea is so soothing, so ritualistic. That's why I was so excited to make this blend of tea, and package it into tea bags to give as gifts this past Christmas. I came across the blend on michelle's blog, and made up a big batch one December afternoon. You'll need >

> 6 heaping tablespoons dried peppermint (digestion, stomach issues)
> 3 heaping tablespoons fennel seeds (fever reducer, anti-microbial, digestion)
> 2 heaping tablespoons dried basil (immunity, digestion)
> 1 heaping tablespoon licorice root (immunity, digestion)

I was able to find all of the herbs at a local herbal apothecary, and I was surprised at how inexpensive they were. For about the cost of one box of 20 tea sachets, I was able to make almost 3 times as many.

To make the tea bags, I used unbleached coffee filters with the sides cut off >
Staple the top closed; you can add a string here if you like, and even a tag at the end. For the tea I gifted, I added baker's twine for strings and filled mason jars with sachets. I then tied a ribbon around the top of the jar, and added a tag with the ingredients and their benefits. Voila!

I have making these little coffee filter tea bags ever since, for all of my loose leaf teas. I hate tea balls and the like, I always have the worst luck with them and end up with a bunch of leaves in my mouth somehow. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the steps!

shanti >> sondra

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