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I semi got my shiz together for this edition, guys! I remembered, AND had time to put together a post! Win! Except I forgot the minor detail of it getting dark super early, and not being home in time to take pics. Oops. So, alas, I put together a little spread here of some awesome stripey items I found that I would totally rock altogether as an outfit.
1> I have been afraid of blazers for a long time. I think they make me look like a stuffy old grown-up. But recently I've taken to wearing these blazers made out of thick sweatshirt-y material. They are super comfortable, and I think because they are a little less structured they don't make me look all weird.They add the perfect amount of polish. This one from Target is fantastic!

2> Um, these flats from Modcloth are amazing. They even have stripes on the inside! So they totally still count! And they are priced pretty reasonably, too. I'll have to keep my eye on these for when they come back in stock in my size.

3> Stripes on stripes is perfectly acceptable. I like the pop of green this scarf brings, plus the grey ties the shoes in. I top almost every outfit off with a chunky scarf these days. Anyone else?

4> I have a really similar pair of coral pants (these are F21), and I love them to pieces. They are surprisingly versatile, and would be great with the black and white stripe of the blazer. I'm also really digging the "flood pants" length that's popular right now.

To finish this outfit, I'd probably pair a plain white tank or tee under the blazer, and then I'd get 5> as a cover for my new Kindle. I'm pretty broke after the holidays, but I am currently coveting this one. Maybe next payday?

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  1. Nicole Veerman1/10/13, 8:14 AM

    I love those shoes and that blazer. So cute!

  2. That is a lovely outfit! And I love how you made your accessories match as well...HA! That scarf is beautiful, as is the blazer. I'm with you on the blazer, but I haven't yet been able to find a "sweatshirt blazer" that I like! If only there were a Target close by! I'm rocking some coloured pants today, and they really help brighten my spirits on this grey freezing cold day!

  3. I love your take on this post except it really makes me want to go shopping :) I want everything here. I like a sweatshirty blazer too- I feel goofy if they are too structured. I'm off to check out those shoes... ;)

  4. Oh that outfit is so cute! I love the striped top with the red pants. And as someone with a pair of red pants, that's exciting inspiration... :-)

  5. The flats are adorable!

  6. nice picks! Those shoes are totally adorable.