What to Wear >> to Karaoke

Clearly I am not doing karaoke here. Now, I love to belt out old tunes at the top of my lungs as much as the next lass, but I'm at least 4 gin and tonics away from that at almost all moments. BUT. If I were to go out for a night at the bar, here's something I would wear out. I will gladly accompany others who wish to sing, but I will not likely get up there with them.
That is, unless they have Salt 'n Peppa in the catalog. Then all bets are off. (I still know all of the words to both Shoop and Whatta Man. Classics!)

The main star of this outfit for me is the fur collar. All rock stars need a bit of fur, right? Then it's just an easy tank dress, a slightly fancy (because it's lacey looking? Does that make it fancy?) cardigan, tights, and my trusty Tom's wedges. Comfy, and dressy enough for a night out, but not too dressy to hit up dive bars.

How about you, do you like to get up there and sing your heart out? Or are you with me, nursing your g 'n t back at the table?

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<< outfit details (I'm going to start including prices I paid here, too, since almost everything I buy is some super-clearance rack score)
dress > UO ($10)
cardigan > target ($8)
tights > gap ($5)
shoes > Tom's ($80)
fur collar > h&m ($3)



  1. GypsyinJasper1/24/13, 8:28 AM

    I'm not much of singer either, but if I'm going up as a group, I'll give it my all.

    I love that you know all the words to Salt 'n Peppa. I used to sing both of those songs in my bedroom when I was young.

    On the outfit front, that fur collar is so cute! What a find for $3.

  2. You look so cute! Love those tights and the fur collar is amazing.

    I am always one of the singers! The bar we go to gets really busy on karaoke night - which sometimes also happens to be UFC night - so you have to get your song selections in early if you want to even sing one song! I like ridiculous 80s music myself....and Lady Gaga always works in a pinch!

  3. This looks SUPER comfy!

  4. That outfit looks so classic and amazing. I love the touch of fur, because you're totally right--it makes the outfit.

  5. haha i'm not one for karaoke too, just too awful of a singer. i love the simplicity in this outfit and how you went w/ neutrals, I always forget about that option but it looks so well put together!