The Secret Ingredient >> Is Love

Last weekend, Andy demanded cake. This is unusual. I am the one with the sweet tooth, not him. But when a man demands cake, you gotta give it to him, right? ;)
At any rate, it gave me a good excuse to try out this lemon + lavender cake that I had pinned on Pinterest. It was pretty simple to put together, but I didn't want to haul out the stand mixer, so I creamed the butter and sugar by hand. I dunno, I find something very gratifying about cooking the way my great grandmother might have. I mean, if I am going to all the trouble to bake from scratch, why not put a little extra sweat and love into it while I'm at it?

If you try this recipe and you really like lavender, I'd suggest doubling the amount of lavender. It was pretty subtle in mine, and I would have liked more. If you're not sure if you like the flavor of lavender, make it as is and see. It's a very unusual flavor, and not for everyone. Personally, I love it, and it has me itching to try out a few other lavender recipes that I've had up my sleeve.

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  1. Faith Bradley1/25/13, 7:42 PM

    Ooh that sounds delicious! I saw a recipe for lavender cupcakes with earl grey frosting once that I really want to try too.

  2. Charis Sharpe1/28/13, 12:45 PM

    Sounds yummy! 3 of my favourite things.. lemon + lavender + cake!