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If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably seen most of these photos, and if you don't follow me on IG, then why not? JK, dears, you do what you feel. ;)

I am officially on summer break from work. This also means I have a lot of catching up to do. Well, self-imposed catching up, but the ideas have been piling up nonetheless. I feel like I've been neglecting this space a bit lately, so I'm excited to have more time to play here. I was also way behind on blog reading; last night I had over 300 unread in my reader!

I also feel like I've been neglecting my living space, since we've been in this limbo of are we moving/are we not. We are frustrated with our current place for sure, thus the desire to move. But since it seems unlikely that we can make that happen right now, I really want to get on with the business of making our space work better for us in the meantime. And boy, do I have ideas! More ideas than money, unfortunately, but I'm excited to see what changes I can make. I'm sure I'll share some of my progress here.

Photos // wisteria while I walk the dog // a caterpillar on the sidewalk // the sun peeked out on our hike yesterday // I dyed my hair black! // Piko rolling in the grass // measuring spices to make an Indian pilaf // vintage goodies from an old friend // heron in the sound

Anticipating // Andy is leaving for a work trip for the next few days, and I think it'll be good time to get a jump start on all of this catching up I'm talking about! Although I'm not looking forward to the drive to the airport this afternoon in rush hour...blerg.

Feeling // Cold. It's 49 and drizzly out right now. What the heck, summer? Where u at? I've got the space heater out, and the wool socks on. 

Contemplating // Attending the Schoolhouse Craft Blogger Summer Camp. It looks like a couple of interesting panels, and I've never attended any of these kinds of events before. Anyone else out there going?

Excited for // I am excited for so much right now. In the short term, I'm excited for a little trip to Minnesota next week to see friends and family, and also to teach yoga this Saturday. Say whaaa? Yup, I'm teaching yoga again! I'm just teaching one small class of mostly people I know to get back into the groove, but I hope to expand my teaching over the next several months. It feels so good to be back sharing something I love. :) 

Loving // One of the girls I work with just got married, and her photos are gorgeous! She made a breathtaking bride, and her photographer, Carly Bisch, is very talented. Check out the beautiful set on Carly's blog!

Whew, so glad we're all caught up now! I caught up with and cleared out my blog reader this morning, and now you're all caught up on me. That's a lot of catching. Hopefully I'll catch you back right here, soon. :)

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  1. Happy summer break! I hope it warms up soon for ya! It's pretty brisk here this morning, but it feels lovely with the windows open.

    I've never been to any blog-event, but I'd love to! You should go! I need to try to find some in my area...

  2. abhaya_sondra5/23/13, 12:26 PM

    Thanks for the encouragement. :) Too bad you don't live here, it would be fun to meet and go together! I guess that's the nature of the blogging beast.