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I've been a little obsessed with all things neon lately. What can I say, I'm easily influenced by trends! But unlike it's 90s heyday, I'm loving the fresh new take on it this time around, paired with whites and grays and used as more of an accent. It just seems to freshen up whatever you put it with, so it's an easy way to update your style. For example, I bought a $10 neon yellow tank top from Target recently, and paired with basic skirts and shorts from summers past, it feels like a fresh new wardrobe.

I haven't ventured into neon beyond my closet yet, but I am loving all of the ideas here!

shanti >> sondra

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  1. I haven't decided whether I like the neon or not yet. There's so much of it in the girls clothing sections, it's like they amplify any trend and do nothing but it in some stores...

  2. I've been wanting a neon green with light gray combo, something fresh and fun! Also, I want that drink and those Sharpie markers!!!