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Remember how we visited the desert of Eastern Washington recently? Well, we went back. On a drizzly Seattle Saturday, we headed up and over the mountains and found ourselves in a lush, springtime desert. Isn't that amazing? Sometimes I hear people poo-pooing Eastern Washington...those people are nuts, because there's some magic over there. At least that leaves it quieter for the rest of us.
We got to this little hike in the afternoon, so as we walked we hit the "magic hour" and everything had that beautiful glow to it. See these tents? That's going to be us in a few days, because we're heading back to this very spot for our first camping night of the season! So. Excited.

The special part about this place, is that it's a short hike out to a waterfall, which of course is pretty unusual in the desert. There were actually two waterfalls, and this was the smaller one. It just looked so pretty with the light coming through at the end of the day.
Of course the fearless beagle accompanied us. She is so great on the trail, unless there's food involved of course. At one point on this hike, she went up to a guy camping (he invited her over) and proceeded to immediately stick her nose in his dinner. Silly lady.

Thank you for all of the good apartment wishes the other day! While we were indeed given a lease to sign, the person pulled out at the last minute due to some health problems she was dealing with. Sigh. Back to the drawing board on that one...

I hope you are having a lovely weekend! I'm stuck at work both days, so enjoy yours a little extra for me. :)

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  1. So beautiful! It's amazing that you will be camping there soon. Have fun! Love that photo of the glowing waterfall.

    I never did get that song...a horse with no name? But I always liked the "la la la la la la' part!