I've Been Through >> the Desert on a Horse With No Name

I still haven't shared all the rest of our pictures from the our trip to the desert of Eastern Washington yet. Looking back at these photos, I can feel that we'll be back very, very soon.
We drove up some service roads until we found this little ridge line with a fence along it. We decided that it would be a good place to take a walk and stretch our legs, since it had such a gorgeous view of the river valley below. This is where I collected the sage that I bundled.

It's actually pretty crazy to see how much the landscape has changed since I took these pictures. Here in Seattle, all of the trees have started leafing out, and everything is green, green, green.
We also visited a petrified forest near here, which we were pretty excited about. Although it has nothing to do with actual petrified forests, we love the movie. Isn't the wood beautiful, how it colors and changes with time and geologic processes? There were just huge hunks of it all around. Crazy to think about how long it has existed on the Earth! Sometimes, the Earth just blows my mind!

Also crazy to think about? The people who made these petroglyphs. I've seen several petroglyph sites all over the West and Hawaii, and I'd say these are some of the best preserved and most detailed ones that I've seen. Aren't they beautiful? I just love thinking about the people who left these, why they would have left them, and what they would think of me standing there gawking at them now. I wonder what people thousands of year from now will consider our "petroglyphs." This blog, perhaps? ;) Lawd, I hope not.
I'm trying to figure out a way to sneak a trip out to the deserts of Nevada or Utah for a few days into one of our summer junkets. To Google Maps I go!

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  1. wow...those views are breathtakingly beautiful! I haven't traveled much in my life but everyday the wanderlust gets bigger and bigger! Those petroglyphs are so cool! I could spend an hour just staring at them! =)


  2. beautiful pictures. also, i love "a horse with no name" by america. they're my favorite 70's band (:

    xoxo, Oleah

  3. Oh so beautiful. <3 The song immediately caught my eye, as well. A Horse With No Name is one of my dad's favorite songs and he played it constantly when I was growing up and it's been a favorite of mine ever since. I love seeing these pictures. The petrified forest and petroglyphs are amazing. I love petrogylphs. During a hike in '08 we saw a few while on a company trip (company trips that involve hiking = awesome.) Thank you for sharing these with us!

    Also, and I may be biased, but the Utah desert is a pretty amazing place. We have a lot to see here, and a lot of hiking to do as well. Zions National Park, Bryce Canyon and Antelope Island are some of our favorites. :)

  4. Lovely photos! I really enjoy seeing pictures of your mini trips.

  5. The Bradleys4/13/13, 2:52 AM

    So happy to have found your blog! I am in Apothecary Circle too :) I really want to visit both Nevada and Utah some day.

  6. abhaya_sondra4/13/13, 2:59 PM

    thank you! Yes, travelling is definitely an addiction - but the best kind. The more you do, the more you want to do. :)

  7. abhaya_sondra4/13/13, 2:59 PM


  8. abhaya_sondra4/13/13, 3:01 PM

    Ha, my dad used to play it all the time, too! Now I just love it because it reminds me of the desert. I have spent a bit of time in Utah, down at Zion and we went to 9 Mile Canyon to see the amazing petroglyphs there. I love Utah!

  9. abhaya_sondra4/13/13, 3:01 PM

    iknowrite? So. Good. :)

  10. abhaya_sondra4/13/13, 3:02 PM

    Oh, good, I always love meeting new faces! Welcome!