Affirmations >> 05

I had a little fun editing pictures today, and I came up with this for this edition of affirmations >
I think no matter what your beliefs are, or even lack thereof, that the outdoors is truly a refuge for everyone. I took this photo last week, while we were out for a day of mini-adventure (I'll share more about that later this week).

Yesterday we looked at an apartment that we liked a lot, and put in an application for it. It's maybe a bit smaller than our current place, but waaaaaay more functional. One of the other benefits of it is that it is very near the water and several parks, so we could "get our outdoors on" pretty easily. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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  1. summertime dreams6/7/14, 9:32 PM

    Love this! So relevant after having just recently traveled down to America to go to Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks. Both so amazing!