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I haven't done one of these in awhile, so I thought I'd do a round-up of what's currently up in my world.

Thinking About > Rearranging our living room. We have a severe case of "we hate our apartment-itis," but neither of us want to spend the time, energy, or effort on moving. One of my favorite things to do when trying to get to sleep at night is to imagine my dream spaces, complete with furnishings. Like, playing interior designer in my head. Is that weird? Anyway, I find it relaxing. Last night I thought of a new furniture configuration for our living room, that might jazz things up a bit for the summer, and maybe get us out of apartment-funk land for awhile.

Listening to > The new Bonobo album, The North Borders. Even if you are not already an electronic music fan, take a listen. The soulful, loungy grooves of this album are the perfect soundtrack for summer, and I've had it on repeat all afternoon. You can stream it for free, here.

Drinking > Another new favorite, Tazo Rest tea. I've got a big mug of it going right next to me. Such a delicious blend of lemon balm, rose petals, honeybush and about 10 other things. It really does taste like relaxation in a cup!

Liking > The new Passionfruit Marketplace. I spent about 45 minutes just scrolling through and discovering new blogs this afternoon. But, uh, I guess I don't really need another diversion. :/ Still, lots of fun. Have you checked it out yet?

Anticipating > This next weekend! It's a big one for me. Not only is my 30th birthday on Saturday, but it's the annual Gala for the theatre I work for that night. Double score! A bunch of girls from work are getting together beforehand to get ready and get all gussied up. I can't wait! Plus, the Mad Men season premiere is on Sunday night. Gah! So. Excited.

I'm off to spend some time in kitchen, including putting together a little recipe for you dog-lovers out there (I'll share soon!).

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  1. I love these kinds of posts!!! I also love the new Passionfruit Marketplace. Tazo is one of my favorite tea brands, but I haven't tried that flavor yet. I adore their Black Tea! :)

    Happy April, Sondra!