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I actually did snap pictures of what I wore to yoga this morning, but the more I thought about it, the more it wasn't sitting well with me.

Excuse me while I climb atop my soapbox. *Ahem*
Obviously, my primary form of exercise is yoga, and something that is very important to me is that anyone can do yoga. Wearing anything. With the rise in popularity of yoga over the last decade, what’s come with it is trendiness and a "cool" factor, which really has nothing to do with yoga. In fact, if you view fashion as an expression of your creativity and self, it doesn’t have anything to do with fashion either, since everyone is trying to look just like each other. You do not need to wear $90 pants, or have the latest and greatest mat in order to show up to class. What’s important is that you show up. I can barely afford to take class regularly, let alone drop a lot of cash on the clothes that I wear. I think you should wear whatever makes you feel good, even if it's grubby old leggings and a plain ol' tank top. Descends soapbox.

That said, yes, it is nice to wear nice things, so if you can afford it and it makes you happy, awesome! A few other tips for being what to wear for a yoga class:

> Marshalls and TJ Maxx are GREAT places to score deals on workout clothes. Also, REI occasionally has awesome scores on the clearance rack (I recently got a bunch of Hardtail stuff 70% off).
> For yoga in particular, form fitting it better than loose. You don’t want your shirt flying up in your shoulderstand! It also makes it easier for you to see your alignment, and for your teacher to make adjustments.
> When buying bottoms, try them on and SQUAT DOWN. Try and look in a 3-way mirror to check for opacity. I have definitely had my underwear clearly showing through on a few occasions!
> Be sure to bring a hoodie or a cardigan to class, even if it’s hot out. You’ll want it for savasana at the end (aka the best part of classJ).

Be sure to check out what the other ladies are rockin' this week! I can't wait to see the variety in this week's posts. If you'd like to join us today, link up! In two weeks, we'll be sharing what to wear for a coffee date.

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  1. :) good, good tips lady.

  2. Timely post: I was talking about $90 pants the other day with my step-mom! All of my work out clothes were super cheap and/or gifts. I prefer to splurge on the working out part of the equation! (Thankfully my former job had a pretty sweet and flexible health spending account, or else there is little to no way I would have done the gym thing! But I don't think they would have covered the $90 pants!)

    Great yoga tips! Is "savasana" another word for "blissful warm relaxing better-than-a-nap goodness"? ;)

  3. Emily Coletti4/19/13, 11:12 AM

    wonderful! a yoga place by my house is offering free 21 days of unlimited yoga. its bikram and i'm so excited to start it when i get home from washington dc. lovely post! oh, also i put your button up and submitted mine in your sponsor thing, let me know if i need to reformat it or resize it or anything.

  4. Ooooh, I love this post. Yoga is something I definitely want to get into!!!

  5. I buy all my workout gear from Marshalls & TJ Maxx! They really do have a great prices AND I snagged an 8lb kettle bell for only $12.99 once. They were $25 and up everywhere else! =)

    Ergo - Blog