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We've had a few gorgeous days this week (although I think we're back to rain for the weekend), and I was able to get outside and get a few herbs planted! We have almost no outdoor space at our current place, just a few front steps outside of our door. Nonetheless, I wanted to maximize the space we do have and get some green things outside.
I had found this pallet a couple of months ago while taking the dog on a walk, and I dragged it home with the idea of another project in mind. Instead though, I thought it would make a great shelf for a few small pots to use up some vertical space. For now I have mint, dill, and thyme going, and I'd like to add a few more now that I know I have space for them.
I used a tea tin with a few holes punched in the bottom for a free, easy container.

When we lived in California, one of my favorite things was being able to have herbs growing outside year-round. We can't have plants outside year-round here in Seattle, but since these are in small containers they'll be easy enough to bring inside and place on a sunny windowsill (well, what passes in a Seattle winter).  It's so nice to be able to grab a sprig or two of what you need when you need it, rather than spend $3-$4 for a little plastic box of way more than you likely need at the store!

A few other ideas for planting herbs >

> Take this same pallet and turn it into it's own planter!
> Another idea for a vertical garden. Also, a great inspiration for re-using cans as planters.
> Start your own herbs from cuttings from friends.

I hope this inspires you to get your green thumb out!

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  1. Faith Bradley4/26/13, 1:42 PM

    I've been dying to get my gardening on! But... there's still snow everywhere. Good thing the forecast is going up to the 60's or 70's in the next couple days whoo! For now I've been regrowing lettuce and celery from the cuttings and I'm planning on going to the garden store when they all open up to buy lots of supplies for my little balcony garden. Hooray for growing your own food!

  2. I love it! I keep meaning to get some basil, rosemary, and mint plants going, but... well, it just hasn't happened yet. Maybe this weekend...!