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It's style time, guys! I kinda love this week's topic: what to wear to work. I mean, this is what most of us get dressed for most of the time, right? I didn't work for most of last year while I was doing my yoga teacher training. Wearing spandex all day everyday was kinda nice on the one hand (i.e. comfort, time saved on getting ready), but I eventually sorta missed having a reason to put on real clothes everyday. I really see clothes as an extension of myself as well as a creative outlet, and I'm glad I get to explore it everyday!
I have spent my entire adult life working for non-profit performing arts (almost all of it theatre). The organizations have all been on the bigger side, so they're pretty office-y, but I mean, it's still the arts, so the dress code is pretty relaxed. I pretty much wear whatever I want, as long as it's not sweatpants and my boobs aren't hanging out. I am a manager though, and I do work with the public, so I try and look somewhat put together most days.

I'd say this is a good example of a work outfit for me. I wear many variations of this. Blazer-type thing? Check. That's like, the epitome of "work clothes." But this one is made of sweatshirt material, so it's not stuffy. Then I've got the llama shirt going on, as a nod to not looking too serious. Ankle length pants and my trusty Tom's take me the rest of the way. Oh, and the jasmine in these pics is blooming outside of our apartment and smells heavenly! YUM.

Yup, definitely something I would wear to work, and you should, too.

This week is another link-up party! Head over to Gypsy in Jasper to see more ladies getting in on the action, or post your own outfit and party with us!

Oh, and sorry if these photos look a little wonky. We got out to take pics just before it got dark out. How do style bloggers do it everyday?!

shanti >> sondra
blazer >  miley cyrus + maz azria for walmart (seriously!) way old, maybe $15?
shirt > madewell $12 
pants > target $10 
scarf  > thrifted, $4
bracelets > india
watch > timex

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  1. Gypsy in Jasper4/4/13, 9:14 AM

    Oh cute!! I love this outfit. The colours. The sweater. The scarf. It's all perfection!

  2. I love llamas, so that shirt is the best shirt ever. Ever!! Also, I need to find me some sweatshirt-blazers. I agree about clothes being an extension of your creative self, an outward reflection of your personality and identity. Plus, clothes are just fun! Case in point, LLAMA SHIRT!!

  3. Lexi Singer4/4/13, 12:11 PM

    I am totally digging the Llama shirt! It totally makes me think of when I used to watch Llamas With Hats on youtube constantly (insomnia makes us like very strange things) haha. Great outfit! really cute =}

  4. OMG THAT LLAMA SHIRT! <3 I hate layering and not because I dislike the look, in fact, I LOVE IT. However... I get extremely hot, extremely easily. :/ I mean, I guess I could just put on something cute and when I get too hot, take off said cute thing. Except in Summer, Utah in Summer... I don't even want to think about layering outside of a cute tank top, sundress or something lacy/crochet-y!

    I love your outfit so much. That llama. <3 Also, JASMINE, mmmm!

  5. That shirt rocks something pretty fierce :-) My best friend works in theater, too, as a (pretty amazing) stage manager and she loves that she gets to wear laid back comfortable clothing. Also that jasmine is so intense my brain is half way convinced I can smell it through my computer screen. Nice photos!

  6. Sarah Pete4/4/13, 6:40 PM

    your job sounds awesome, and I love your outfit! you are totally cute.

  7. aaaaa the llama shirt!! So perfect! And doing the yoga teacher training sounds like a great way to spend time! And I love spandex and comfy outfits :-)

  8. I LOVE this look! Ankle pants and wedges have been my favorite lately. Your job sounds really amazing and I think this is the perfect look for it. You want to express your creativity in that field! Very cute.

  9. I really like the pop of red with the scarf!

  10. Faith Bradley4/5/13, 8:55 PM

    THAT LLAMA SHIRT. AH, I love it!

  11. abhaya_sondra4/6/13, 10:19 AM

    I see the llama shirt was really a big hit with this crowd! I'll have to see what other llama apparel I can dredge up for the next post. ;) Thank you all so much for the comments!