Summer Lovin' >> Had Me a Blast

I've been getting antsy for summer. Here are a few summery ideas that have caught my eye as of late >>
be// ermahgoodness, I could live in this picture. Even though I'm sure I won't find myself at any beaches quite like this one this summer, I sure wouldn't mind if I did.
wear// I actually wore a variation of this in India quite a bit. I love that maxis have been back the last few years, it makes it easier to find good versions of this closet staple. I love the simplicity of this black and white duo.
make// I'm not a huge DIY kind of lady, I more like the idea of making things rather than actually doing them. But these look simple enough for even me to make.
eat// This faro salad that was on bleubird recently is the kind of thing I love to make; simple ingredients, not too much prep, and can be packed easily for a picnic or road trip. I hope to try this one soon.
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  1. I saw a similar painted vase DIY the other day and thought the same thing! That salad looks super yummy!

  2. summertime dreams6/7/14, 9:24 PM

    Did you ever make any painted vases? How did they turn out?