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I'm missing my family and home a bit today on this Easter Sunday, but the quote above is a nice reminder to take notice of the world around me and enjoy what I do have. I'm not only spending today 2,000 miles from my family, but also stuck at work on a gorgeous spring day. Ah, well...

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, as spring is my favorite season. Or at least it was. I don't think I have a favorite anymore. I just enjoy how they change from one to the next, each with it's own rituals and events. At any rate, I love the flowers, the colors, the CANDY, and the food of a traditional Easter. I can't wait to do egg hunts with my kids someday. :)

I hope whether you are celebrating or not, with family and friends or not, that you are having a peace-filled day.

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  1. Happy Easter Sondra! The kids definitely missed you on the Egg hunt this year!

  2. I'm sorry you had to work and be far away from your family today, but hope you had a good one anyway!