What to Wear >> St. Patrick's Day

Hi! When you're reading this, I should be safe and sound on the beach far, far away. But I am writing this before I have left, so it's like future Sondra is here talking back to past Sondra...whoa, mind blowing!
Confession: I'm not a big St. Patrick's Day fan. I'm not even a little bit Irish, and I don't like beer. Or whiskey. But neither do I like getting pinched on St. Patrick's Day, so you gotta wear some green.

Ya know, for all the blue I had in my closet, the green options were pretty limited. I guess it's not a color I'm particularly drawn to. I should probably wear it more, since it's the complimentary color to my red hair. Or maybe I look too Christmassy then?

This is one of my favorite shirts, if only for it's versatility. It's just plain white, but it has the collar, sleeve, and back details that make it a little extra special. It's great with so many things! I especially love it under dresses.
Here's a jump shot to show you all how excited I all am to be leaving in two days.

And here's one full length shot of the whole shebang. It's been warm enough the last couple days to have bare legs, if only briefly. When I looked at these photos on the computer though, I thought for a second that I had tights on. My legs are THAT WHITE. Holy moly, I hope I don't instantaneously burn while I'm away!

And, GUYS! There are a whole bunch of new ladies in the lineup this week! Be sure to check them out and welcome them to the gang! And if YOU would like to join us next time, shoot any one of us an email!
Okay, back to beaching (says future me...from the past). ;)

shanti >> sondra
top >> thrifted, $4
skirt >>  vintage, clothing exchange store  $7
belt >> from another dress
shoes >> Target, $4


  1. Lexi Singer3/7/13, 5:24 AM

    really cute!

  2. Gypsy in Jasper3/7/13, 7:55 AM

    No kidding you love that top, it's perfect!! I hope you're having an amazing time already. I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!

  3. I love that skirt- can't go wrong with polka dots! I hope you're having an amazing time!!

  4. The little blouse is perfect with the skirt! I love that your look is vintage/thrifted!!

  5. That top is definitely amazing, and the shade of green looks perfect with your hair :-) It's funny how color matching works, because i've noticed mint looks a little too much with my pink hair, but it looks great with your red hair. And just like you think that a darker or more solid green might be too much with red hair, it's my favorite color to pair with pink!

  6. I really like this outfit! Hope you're having a blast in India :)

  7. This is such a classy St. Pat's outfit!

  8. I don't think you look Christmas-y at all! Green looks very nice on you! :-)

  9. Ah-ha! I just figured out I can comment on here from my phone! My computer's being a bugger and won't let me, and I was sad I wouldn't be able to comment. Anyhoo, I love your jumping pic! So cute! And your outfit is super pretty!