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Hi dears! Today's guest poster is Adriana from Horses of Ares. Every week she posts a collection of awesome finds from Etsy, and I know I always love almost everything she picks! Today I asked her to share a few of her favorite travel related finds. Since, uh, you know. I'm travelling and all. ;)

Back in '09, I was a regular at the airport with my suitcases in hand and adventure in my mind. I took more than a dozen plane trips that year alone, going to and from my university and back home to visit. I learned that packing shouldn't be over-thought of, traveling light is always key and keeping your camera close at hand is a must. Here's a few things I found while roaming through Etsy for the adventurers and travelers at heart. One my favorite finds is the brown satchel because it's large enough for all of your carry-on necessities, like your laptop or sweater, and compact enough to take with you on a plane. What's your must-have traveling gear?

No. 1 // The Camper Satchel // Sketchbook ($240)

No. 2 // "Hello Adventure" Moon Print // Jump Off The Page ($17)

No. 3 // Military World Globe // Bellalulu ($440)

No. 4 // 1940's Pontiac Lynx II Camera // Vintage Camera Print ($115.05)

No. 5 // Leather Travel Journal // Christine Marie Ford ($55)

No. 6 // Blue Train Case // JessJamesJake ($55)

If you'd like to see more, come by my blog Horses of Ares for a new Etsy Finds every Tuesday. Thank you, Sondra, for letting me high-jack your blog while you're out traveling throughout India, you lucky girl you! :)

love and hugs, adriana

Aren't her picks adorable? I especially love the globe and that journal. Be sure to say hi to Adriana over in her neck of the woods!

xx sondra


  1. This stuff is so cute! Got here through Horses of Ares. Love both blogs!


  2. I just love the 1940's camera!!! =)

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